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Hair Transplant. Yes or No?

Hair transplant is a surgical technique which removes hair from one area of the body to eradicate baldness from another area mostly the head. Hair transplant has advantages and drawbacks and is a decision taken after much thought. After all it is a surgery.In this article I will brief you about the many pros and cons of hair transplant which will lead you to the decision of if it is worth it or not.

Firstly, the most important and common reason for hair transplant is the increase of self confidence. A person who is satisfied with his/her looks and comfortable knowing the fact that he/she is looking at their best is bound to live a more pleasant life. Hair on ones head is sure to contribute to better looks and confidence.Hair transplant lets hair grow naturally and it is the same color as the rest of your hair so it does not feel artificial as it is your very own hair! No special medicines or harmful chemical are used in the process further contributing to its naturalism and the patients satisfaction. The transplant also grows hair in a way which people will not be able to tell if you have had a hair transplant or not.

Hair grown after the surgery is also easily manageable as it is like your own hair. No special remedies, shampoos, creams or chemicals are needed after surgery. The feedback after surgery has been positive and many people have reported amazing results which have changed their lives.

However hair transplant requires that you are in good health. There is also a possibility of side effects such as bleeding, itching, infections and swelling. There are also some cases in which the feedback is not as positive and people are not satisfied with the results. Therefore if your doctor recommends that it suits you medically it is a great option and a way to get back your hair an look more young and confident.

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