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Is Hair Loss the Cause of Your Decreasing Self Confidence?

Hair Loss is a condition that affects the mind more than the body. Hairs are an important constituent of our identity and definition of “self”. Hair loss affects so much because it is very visible and very difficult to hide. Sure, there are wigs and powders out in the market today which help mask the effects of hair loss but they are often easy to recognise. Moreover, they may also invite ridicule.

Hair loss changes how the person is perceived in society. Some people are thought to be older than they actually are due to bald spots. They are termed unattractive. This affects the confidence of the person and the person may develop some psychological issues and body insecurities due to this. This effect is more pronounced among women as they are culturally expected to have good hair.

The constant ridicule and bullying the person faces due to hair loss causes them to shut off from society. They try to avoid social engagements and hanging out in public. Men may use caps and hats to mask the hair loss, while women use a scarf. However, these are not acceptable in all situations.

The person undergoing hair loss also begins to lose self-confidence. They lose confidence in their appearance. This ultimately leads to lower self-worth and can even lead to depression. Body dysmorphic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder are also commonly found in such groups.

Hence, loss of hairs leads to loss of confidence in one’s appearance. The person tries to isolate himself in order to avoid judgement and ridicule. They try to avoid social functions and gatherings. Some even try to avoid friends and lose them in the process. This all culminates into the loss of confidence and can even to lead to depression in some cases. Thus, hair loss greatly affects the self confidence of a person.

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